WidowMaker Lofts - AU10CENT-80560 Count Keizer / Kannibaal hen.

SIRE: AU02CBS-2156 is a son of the "Count Keizer", sire of 1st Nat. 
Orleans vs. 17,202 - 1st vs. 6,209 - 1st vs. 3699 - 1st vs. 2,432. 
Inbred "Oude Merckx" lines.


DAM: IF08A-15519 is a double granddaugher of "De Kannibaal"

WidowMaker Lofts - AU08LNC-637 WOW Janssen / CBL Hofken hen.

SIRE: AU02PRO-2617 is a line-bred 969 Janssen bred down from 
Ganus and World of Wings gold band breeders. 

DAM: AU03CBL-400 a daughter of "Young Witstaart". Crosslanders 
Breeding Lofts top breeding Hofken. 
Witstaart" at CBL start at $5,000.




AU10LNC-252 Line-bred "Grijzen Provinciaal" Tournier hen. 

SIRE: AU04CBS-2367 is a grandson of “White Lightning”, “Golden Griz” 
and the “Grijzen Provinciaal”. “2367” is sire to 1st place 300M. 

DAM: AU06CBS-114 is a granddaughter of “Grijzen Provinciaal” and “Snow Princess”. “114” is dam to 1st place 100M by over 17 minutes.

AU09LNC-531 Merckx / Koopman cock. 

SIRE: AU04LNC-52 an inbred "019" Merckx and Van der Flaes Janssen 
bred down from the "Vic" and the "Bonte As". 

DAM: IF05HAWAII-5644 is a Stichelbaut / Koopman hen down from 
"Elite Boris" and Gerrit Lahuis "Excellent Hen". The late Gerrit Lahuis 
Koopman pair known as the "Excellent Pair" were responsible for 
numerous winners in the Netherlands.


AU09LNC-552 Topo / Kannibaal hen. 

SIRE: AU02X-7947 is a double grandson of Mike Ganus great breeder 


DAM: IF08A-15518 is a double granddaughter of "De Kannibaal".